Amplify Your Voice with an Email Campaign

It’s time for your Customer Appreciation Sale—you need to get the word out! What is the best way to reach the most people?

Print ads and mailers can be quite effective, but are they enough? In this age of easy internet access, a lot of your potential repeat customers might skip the local newspaper, but they are certainly on their smartphones and computers. This demographic may seem out of your reach, but it’s not! You can easily connect through email marketing.

Amplify Your Voice with an Email Campaign

Why should I send email campaigns?

  • They can drive traffic to your website.
  • They are simple to create and send, especially when paired with a blog post or postcard mailing.
  • Emails can be used for anything from newsletters to product promotions and sale announcements.
  • You can easily track and measure results. In the right climate, email marketing ROI can be higher than most other marketing channels, as shown in this graphic:
email roi compared to other marketing channels
Image from Neil Patel
  • Email marketing is usually more targeted than other forms of marketing since recipients are either past customers or have visited your site as a prospect.
  • Your email recipient list can scale to reach more and more customers without a significant cost increase as compared with print mailers and postage.

Here are two examples that show different types of email campaigns.

Different types of marketing emails

How is an email campaign made?

  1. First we set up your account with Mailchimp, a popular email marketing platform. Then we add the email addresses you provide us. You should first ensure that you have permission to email these contacts.
  2. We create the email campaign. We can collect the content from several places:
    1. Your blog
    2. Print ads or postcards
    3. Copy we write from scratch
  3. After the email is created, we send you a test email to review.
  4. When we receive your approval, we can either send the email immediately or strategically schedule it to launch at an exact time in the near future.
Reach customers with compelling marketing emails

Are you interested in leveraging email to grow your business? By engaging a qualified team of professionals, you can begin to see what email can do for you. Our goal is to make it painless for you to launch email campaigns frequently. As you collect new email addresses we import them, growing your contact list. We can even set up a form on your website to automate the sign up process. New email campaigns can be quickly created and sent by modifying existing templates.

Do you want to increase traffic flow to your website? Announce a sale? Promote a product? Contact Rosewood Marketing today to create your targeted email campaign!

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