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Rosewood is Committed to Helping Your Business Grow through Print and Web Marketing

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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Going to work day after day without a clear marketing plan is a strong invitation for failure. However, with careful planning and implementation you can give yourself an opportunity to thrive!

  • Does your company image portray the reality of your products and services?
  • Do you have sales tools that sell value to your prospects?
  • Do you have an advertising plan and budget?

Welcome to Rosewood Marketing

Advancing Your Reach Through

Branding and Logos

The most important part of your marketing effort is your brand. Every business card, brochure, and advertising will influence your customers' perception of your brand; if you haven't defined your brand very well, your marketing will be weak and confusing.

Graphic Design

Printed media has always been a cornerstone of effective marketing. Today, it’s still an essential way to convey professionalism and legitimacy. We’ve been doing print marketing for years, and we have the skill to produce sharp, attention-grabbing business cards, catalogs, ads and more.

Web Design & SEO

Your website should be like a good salesman. Anyone can build a website, but it takes time and skill to make a highly-focused selling tool. And, like any good salesperson, your website will perform better if you continue to optimize it’s reach.

  • When Glitter IS Gold
    Special Effects Printing
  • Telling the Das Holz Haus Story

    Das Holz Haus is a maker of fine cabinetry and heirloom quality furniture serving customers in metro-area markets through relationships with kitchen designers.

    DHH came to Rosewood seeking to more clearly portray the impeccable quality of both their service and their product. Their existing brochure created an impression of their brand that did not dovetail with who they were as a...

  • Charlie Hatchet and Fred Squirrel

    “This was our best month yet,” Charlie Hatchet announced to his wife as he entered the lodge one evening. “I think the business might survive after all.”

    It hadn’t been long before that Charlie had given up in defeat. His sharpened log product just didn’t seem to interest anyone. But now, his wooden toothpick version seemed to be catching on in the forest. Just today a family of moose...

Some of Our Work

Myerstown Sheds & Fencing Website

Myerstown Sheds & Fencing wanted to capture online opportunities to increase their market share in their three store region. After research and planning, website developers and online marketing specialists constructed their website to maximize local search engine results. The Rosewood team’s ongoing marketing efforts keep a steady flow of hundreds of visitors per week. Visitors complete an online estimate request form that delivers quality leads to their sales force.

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Meet the Team

Roy Herr

Roy Herr, co-founder of Rosewood, thrives in the challenge of leading the team and working alongside clients to solve their marketing problems. He especially enjoys consulting with clients to help them develop their niche, brand, strategy and marketing plan.

Roy’s passion for bringing Biblical values and Christianity into the workplace is a driving motivator in his business relationships.

Roy’s family enjoys life on a 4.5 acre Old McDonald farm which includes a Jersey milk cow, laying hens, two dogs, and an ever-changing number of cats/kittens. A 1/2 acre patch of asparagus provides early morning exercise in the spring. Another acre of string beans, corn, potatoes and other produce provides the children lessons in natural life and character development.

Clair High

Clair High is co-owner and big picture advisor for Rosewood. He generously shares from his well of wisdom and experience. After 40+ years in the electrical contracting business, Clair loves to walk alongside younger businessmen to mentor them and help them develop their opportunities.

At home he feeds a few steers. Family hair cut night is a highlight as well because “Grandpa is the best barber.”

Matt Feener

Matt Feener serves as production manager and graphic designer. Logo design and brand development are his favorite projects. Matt studied graphic design for a term at Middle Georgia College but has developed his skills mostly by practice and input from successful designers around him.

He loves God, enjoys a busy life with his wife Brenda and their seven children, and loves meeting new friends. If he had spare time, he would develop his photography and hand-lettering skills.

Eugene Fox

Eugene Fox manages the scheduling and CRM systems that keep the projects moving smoothly. He is Rosewood’s spreadsheet specialist. He also assists in preparing project budgets.

Doing jigsaw puzzles, a favorite pastime, currently has taken a back seat to family joys, church activities, and a used furniture store his family operates on their home place.

Twila Weaver

Twila Weaver is responsible for accounting, client advertising management plans and photoshoot prop styling. She enjoys the variety, organization, and creativity that fill every day.

She loves solitude moments, animated conversations with her five siblings, and traveling with friends. A personal challenge is recognizing obscure beauty in each day.

Luke Flory

Luke Flory serves in sales, consultation, and graphic design and enjoys working with clients to discover the hidden marketing dynamite in their enterprise and vision. He also enjoys being a part of the Rosewood team effort as this dynamite is directed into effective marketing strategies and quality marketing materials.

If you were to step outside through his Rosewood office door, you would find yourself in southern New Mexico where he lives with his wife Amy and their seven sons and three daughters. Phone, email, and video conference technologies provide seamless integration with the Rosewood team and our clients from near to far.

Luke treasures quiet time with God and helping others discover the gospel of peace, as well as family time, hiking, reading, writing, mentoring, and great coffee.

Adrian Nolt

Adrian M. Nolt — photographer, website developer, and online marketer — joined the team in 2014. He brings experience gathered from years in school teaching, bookkeeping, and woodworking. Adrian’s wide-ranging interests show that he likes to learn new things, and learning new things is a wonderful part of working at Rosewood.

Adrian, Angela, Damian, Adelyn, and Hosanna delight in family life together in their white rancher near Schaefferstown, PA.

Lyndon Gehman

Lyndon Gehman is a graphic designer with over six years of experience in the marketing industry. He especially enjoys company branding and website design. Lyndon is also an experienced photographer.

When he’s not working at design projects, you might find him spending time with his wife Tina and their daughter Kaylee; photographing scenery and interesting, historical architecture; or composing sacred choral music to be sung with his choir.

Phyllis Miller

After teaching school for a number of years, Phyllis joined the team in 2010, starting first as a bookkeeper, but switching to graphic design, which she definitely prefers. She enjoys the variety, creativity, and constant learning that her job calls for.

Outside of work, Phyllis enjoys writing (with a good cup of tea nearby) or reading if her to-do list is not too pressing. Her goal in life is to become more like the Master and to serve Him faithfully in whatever spot He calls her.

Gary Hurst

Gary Hurst has enjoyed learning graphic design at Rosewood. He gets most excited about brand development and advertising campaigns but appreciates working on a variety of projects. He enjoys cultivating relationships with each client.

Having a deep appreciation for the arts, Gary has spent many hours in music-related activities. He is privileged to now gain a better understanding of visual art. Gary loves to experience other cultures, coffees, cuisines and climates when he gets a chance.

Jared Nolt

Jared Nolt is a website developer that joined the team in 2016. He is motivated by the challenges of his new job and enjoys working with the team.

Jared and his wife, along with their five children, live in Reinholds, PA. Prior to joining the Rosewood team, Jared spent eleven years as an excavator. In earlier years he was a landscaper and woodworker.

In his spare time Jared enjoys woodworking, handyman projects around the house, spending time with his family outdoors, and tending his store at the Green Dragon Farmers Market.

Rebecca Wheeler

Rebecca Wheeler serves as receptionist and bookkeeper. She greatly enjoys computer work and previously worked as a receptionist/secretary in her dad’s small engine shop.

She enjoys spending time with friends and thrives in the random moments of life, seeking to make every moment count.

Christopher Sedlak

Bringing with him years of experience working in the fields of market research, website development, and retail, Christopher joined the Rosewood Marketing web team in 2016. He is currently developing Rosewood’s online marketing department and is passionate about helping clients create and implement strategic marketing plans through the analysis and interpretation of data.

Outside of work, Christopher enjoys music composition, homesteading, cooking, and quiet times with family.

Grace Weaver

Grace Weaver previously worked as a freelance artist and is eagerly advancing her Graphic Design skills at Rosewood. In her spare time you might find her drawing, painting or quietly strolling through nature. She loves solitude as well as deep meaningful conversations.

Her goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus by serving those around her wherever she might find the opportunity.

Courtney Dodd

Courtney Dodd serves as graphic designer, specializing in large catalogs. She enjoys the challenge of configuring data imports and style sheets to automatically merge spreadsheets of product information with images into formatted catalog layouts.

Courtney’s love for yard work, archery, and a bright red can of Coca-Cola displays her vivacious approach to life. She engages in short mission trips to reach out to others and enjoys the fresh perspective she receives in return.