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Store Signage for Farmer Boy

Rosewood designed these store signs for Farmer Boy Ag.

Farmer Boy Ag shared with Rosewood Marketing their dream of having captivating, gallery-inspired signage in their showroom and conference room. We were instantly on board with them and ready to collaborate. Roy wrote down the details for each sign location, grabbing measurements and photos of the walls to use in mockups. Gary designed several sign options (Understatement Warning: See the option table below!) and used Roy’s photos to create mockups, which he delivered to Farmer Boy for their review.

After Farmer Boy called a meeting to discuss the options, Roy and Gary met with their management and marketing teams in order to decide which designs to further refine and send to production! A few tweaks later, and we were all anxiously awaiting the signs’ arrival. Farmer Boy mounted them just in time for their customer appreciation week. Gary had fun capturing these shots of the installed finished product.

Mockups for Farmer Boy. More pictures of the signage.