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Ad Design, Before & After [Case Study]

Ad Design | Before & After

Do you find yourself skipping over advertisements when you are reading a publication? Many ads crowded onto one page can easily become a thick jumble. If you invest in advertising for your company, how can you be sure your ads will get noticed? Some unchanging principles that apply include a consistent message, potent imagery and headlines, and sufficient white space. Let’s take a look at three of our clients’ ads before and after.

Dream Buildings

Dream Buildings Before & After

Dream Buildings ads needed decluttering and brand consistency to clarify their message. This included a brand redesign and incorporating photos with emotional appeal and strong headlines.

Dream Buildings Before & After 2

LnR Feed & Grain Handling Systems

LNR Before & After

LnR’s previous ads were product focused. Unexpected imagery and white space were implemented to attract the reader’s attention on a page full of grain bin ads. Read more about our work for LnR here.

LnR Feed & Grain Before & After 2

Burkholder Truck Sales

Burkholder Truck Sales Before & After 1

Burkholder Truck Sales advertises in multiple publications. The varied designs provided by their numerous publishers muddied their brand image. We recommended a rebranding project and a consistent ad theme to be implemented across all publications.

Burkholder Truck Sales Before & After 2