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Touch and feel can be everything when promoting a premium product. The medium, or the way a message is conveyed, may be just as important as the message itself. In fact, Marshall Mcluhan says that the medium is the message. This concept applies to marketing. Companies should communicate their message through a medium that fits and complements their brand.

This case study shows how one...

How to Align Your Marketing and Sales for Better Results

Jim, an experienced retail furniture salesman, just walked in the door at his new job, a brand-new furniture store. Unfortunately, the store owner failed to do any marketing before opening day to bring people in. Not even a sign above the door!

At least the store is located in the town square, which could prove to be a good marketing move. But to draw customers into the new store will...

dealer portal

Finch, a poly outdoor furniture company, builds a large amount of inventory during the winter to prepare for the spring rush. When dealers make an order to replenish their displays for the spring season, Finch can pull from their inventory and ship out the orders right away.

While this reduced lead time for dealers, it created an...

Sales Funnel

With his wife’s birthday six weeks away, Karl was racking his brain. What could he give Janelle that would not only delight her, but also something she could use going forward? She deserved something special, and maybe this year he could afford something more expensive than usual.

Karl was mowing the lawn on a Friday. The sun was casting long shadows across the neatly trimmed grass when...

outside of brochure for farm equipment supplier

Horning Manufacturing is a producer of innovative silage processing equipment. It started back in the fall of 1997 when Leon Horning Sr. designed and created a set of kernel processing rolls in his Pennsylvania farm shop for his pull-type forage chopper.

With the news of Leon’s success, fellow dairymen were soon lining up asking him to make rolls for their choppers. Since then, Horning...


A mechanic runs diagnostics on a car to pinpoint which sensor needs to be replaced. A farmer feels confident his herd is in good shape because of regular herd health checks. Sometimes those of us who work in marketing wish for greater clarity, asking ourselves questions like these: Are we on the right track? Why aren’t we getting better results? What should we be focusing on?


finished catalog

Producing a catalog with lots of detail and repeated content? Are your people tired of entering reams of data manually every year? Then you’ll be interested in learning how we revolutionized Mountain Spring Nursery’s catalog production process through catalog automation.

Before Catalog Automation

As a wholesale grower and supplier of nursery products, Mountain Spring Nursery sells...

Searching for a gold mine

You as a business person are always on the lookout for opportunities. The ability to spot and seize them is a hallmark of a successful entrepreneur.

What if I told you that you might be overlooking an opportunity right on your doorstep? It’s a little like searching the world for a gold mine and coming home to find one six inches under your garden. Many businesses overlook customer...

Video editing in progress

They say you’ve got to see it to believe it. This old adage contains an element of truth when working to win new customers. People not only want to see your product, but sometimes they also want a glimpse of the process that created it.

Cozy Cabins, a company that builds custom modular log cabins, understands this fact and uses...

3 levels of business relationships

When it comes to assistance with your marketing, you have many options. Take a look at a few companies out there:

Advertising agencies Website developers Online/SEO marketers Social media specialists Research companies Expos Print media sales Printers Mailing list brokers Promotional products sales Graphic designers Photographers Copywriters Sign shops Consultants Marketing seminars...