Directory Listing Sites

Directory Listings – The “Phone Book” of Our Digital Age

“Siri, what is the number for Rob’s Repair?” That’s the sound of someone ‘looking up a business’ in the world we live in today. For many folks, the days of letting “your fingers do the walking” through the paper yellow pages to find a phone number are a thing of the past.

Whether using Apple’s Siri voice-activated search assistant, typing in a Google search bar from the desktop computer, or doing a speech-to-text search on a digital tablet, a rapidly growing majority of today’s consumers have one thought when it’s time to look for a business or a phone number…online search.

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Logos in use

2017 Logo Portfolio

In 2017 our brand designers were busy rolling out both new and refreshed brands. We had the opportunity to work with brands in diverse industries, from a retirement community to a hydraulic…

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Garden Salad

How Important is Photography?

I was hungry. My stomach told me that it had been awhile since I had last eaten. As I was exploring my favorite local town, I quickly searched Google for suitable options in the area.

I clicked on the first of two results that Google returned. This restaurant had several fine sounding menu items, but upon looking at their photography, my appetite waned. Poorly lit photos (likely shot by the owner himself) of poorly presented food distressed my eyes.

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Stagecoach Brochure Cover

Heartwarming Brochure for Stove Company [Case Study]

Open the new brochure for Stagecoach Trading Co. and these are the first sentences you’ll read: “The fire crackled and cast flickering shafts of light around the clearing. Sparks floated upward, tiny shooting stars that burst up and disappeared.”

Stagecoach Trading Co. is a new brand we created for a company that was initially known as Wood Energy Solutions. This team out of Salmon, Idaho, manufactures innovative wood stoves that circulate air using natural convection instead of an electric blower.

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Website Traffic from Google

Driving Website Traffic through Online Marketing [Case Study]

Online Marketing – Why Should I Do It?
This is how people find information today! According to the AdWeek, more than 8 out of 10 people will search the internet to find a particular product or service.

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Lion reading a book

Lion Taming [Catalog Automation Case Study]

The secret is out! Some of the talent on our team have a passion for taming lions! (And they are really good at it too.)

Have you produced a catalog and been “up to your eyeballs” in a sea of content, corrections, and edits? Or maybe someone at your company has scowled at the time, energy, and expense it takes to change pricing, tweak descriptions, and update photos in an otherwise “simple” update of your catalog (only to discover more typos and mistakes after the catalog was already at press)…

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Ad Design | Before & After

Ad Design, Before & After [Case Study]

Do you find yourself skipping over advertisements when you are reading a publication? Many ads crowded onto one page can easily become a thick jumble. If you invest in advertising for your company, how can you be sure your ads will get noticed? Some unchanging principles that apply include a consistent message, potent imagery and headlines, and sufficient white space. Let’s take a look at three of our clients’ ads before and after.

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When Glitter IS Gold

When Glitter IS Gold [Case Study]

Special Effects Printing
Have you ever handed potential customers your business card or brochure and intentionally observed their response? They may have said “Thank you,” or maybe nothing at all. What if you were able to change that response to “Wow!” When they hold your printed piece in their hands, it is communicating something to them. What is it saying? What will clearly communicate the level of service and quality that you offer? How can you be set apart within your market? Including special effects in your printed piece goes a long way in making sure it’s both memorable and trashcan resistant. I will show you several projects we had the opportunity of working on recently.

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Telling the Das Holz Haus Story

Telling the Das Holz Haus Story [Case Study]

Das Holz Haus is a maker of fine cabinetry and heirloom quality furniture serving customers in metro-area markets through relationships with kitchen designers.

DHH came to Rosewood seeking to more clearly portray the impeccable quality of both their service and their product. Their existing brochure created an impression of their brand that did not dovetail with who they were as a company.

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