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The stream beside the Bordner Cabin below Acriggs Waterfall

What should a photographer do when his visions for a photo-shoot fall flat? Explore a little more! See the story after this April's calendar spread.

Illustrated simple profit and loss statement

John Wanamaker said, “I know half of my advertising dollars are wasted. I just don’t know which half.” He was a good step ahead of most of us. Do you know which half of your advertising dollars are invested well? Let’s explore how to determine if a particular marketing campaign is worth it or wasted. Whether you are projecting a return before investing in a campaign or calculating actual...

Tomatoes shot in December for Yardcraft

Photographing garden beds in December? No, we did not travel to Florida! It was all done right here in Pennsylvania.

Yardcraft is a new brand of garden products. By the time you read this article, you may see some Yardcraft products at your local Costco. If not, you can still order from the website. Sam from Yardcraft asked...

Aerial view of Market Street Bridge in Harrisburg at sunset.

Within minutes of Adrian's creating the January Picture of the Month, Matt captured this scene of the Market Street bridge in Harrisburg while flying Rosewood's DJI Phantom 3.

Otterteck® logo

Yesterday I signed off on a new website for a new brand — Otterteck®. Their first product is an aluminum underdecking system. If you have unused space under an upper-story deck, consider installing Otterteck® underdecking to turn that space into a dry outdoor room. Otterteck® is not the first underdecking system on the market, but it brings a nice set of features to the table. The aluminum and...

Screwdrivers at various price points. Which will you buy?

Imagine standing in the hardware store looking at the screwdrivers. You need a good screwdriver to use in the shop every day because you ruined yours yesterday trying to remove a rusty shield. There are three screwdrivers on display. Their price tags show $.99, $6.99, and $8.99. Which one will you buy? Remember, you will use it hard every day in the shop. Certainly, you are not even...

This picture of the covered bridge near Farmersville, PA continues the water theme of our 2016 calendar. Adrian bagged this trophy while on his way back to the Rosewood office after an early morning photo-shoot in March, 2015.

The Market Street Bridge in Harrisburg, PA at sunset.

So, you didn't get your copy of the 2016 Rosewood Calendar? That's too bad, because they've all been snatched up! But, hey, we will upload each month's photo right here on our blog so that you don't miss out! Deal?

Create a persona to define your target market.

Last month we discovered the importance of identifying your strength by defining a Unique Selling Proposition for your business. Combine that with a definition of your ideal customer to bring laser-sharp focus to your business and marketing efforts.

What is meant by Target Market?

A target market...

The newlywed special and calendar ready to be mailed.

Chris from CB Solar gave me a call to discuss how to let his customers know about his current discount promotion and deliver his customer-appreciation calendars. He wondered if it would it be possible to do a bulk mailing.

That’s what we did! We proceeded to finalize a sticky calendar design and get that into production. We also created a flyer to advertise the discount and to double as...