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The Market Street Bridge in Harrisburg, PA at sunset.

So, you didn't get your copy of the 2016 Rosewood Calendar? That's too bad, because they've all been snatched up! But, hey, we will upload each month's photo right here on our blog so that you don't miss out! Deal?

Create a persona to define your target market.

Last month we discovered the importance of identifying your strength by defining a Unique Selling Proposition for your business. Combine that with a definition of your ideal customer to bring laser-sharp focus to your business and marketing efforts.

What is meant by Target Market?

A target market...

The newlywed special and calendar ready to be mailed.

Chris from CB Solar gave me a call to discuss how to let his customers know about his current discount promotion and deliver his customer-appreciation calendars. He wondered if it would it be possible to do a bulk mailing.

That’s what we did! We proceeded to finalize a sticky calendar design and get that into production. We also created a flyer to advertise the discount and to double as...

Rosewood designed these store signs for Farmer Boy Ag.

Farmer Boy Ag shared with Rosewood Marketing their dream of having captivating, gallery-inspired signage in their showroom and conference room. We were instantly on board with them and ready to collaborate. Roy wrote down the details for each sign location, grabbing measurements and photos of the walls to use in mockups. Gary designed...

unique duckling
What is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

A unique selling proposition is a feature, quality, or service you provide which is different from what your competitors offer. Let’s look at the contextual meaning of each of the three words:

Unique Unlike any other offering on the market. In some way, your offering must provide something that no competitors offer. Selling Able to demonstrate...
Consider market research whenever you could make a better business decision if you knew what others know.

Does the term “market research” sound sophisticated and costly? What is market research? Is it necessary in a small business? Let’s learn about market research for small businesses!

Farmco: A Case Study

Mike at Farmco set out to create a new set of sell sheets for his various product lines of cattle feeders, hay wagons and horse feeders. He was looking not only for a fresh design theme...

The new logo for Friesen's Welding

Friesen’s Welding & Manufacturing produces waste containers at their facility in central PA. We’ve had a relationship with them for several years, having designed and hosted their website. Recently, Ben from Friesen’s asked us to develop a logo. He sketched a logo concept and sent it to us.

A handwritten Thank-You from Rosewood Team.

Thank you for the pleasure of serving you this past year. We wish you God's blessings in 2016!

From the Rosewood Team:

Roy Herr Eric Wenger Phyllis Miller Twila Weaver Adrian Nolt Gary Hurst Matt Feener Eugene Fox

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!

(To see larger size of the hand-written calendar page, click on the image.)

thank you

Caring for your customers, and letting them know that you appreciate their business, is simply good manners. It is the right thing to do. But guess what? Saying—and showing—"Thank you" is also a huge competitive advantage! Build a company culture that shows your thanks by beginning one or two new procedures today. Here are seven ideas to get you started.

lifestyle vs. individual product images

What is the difference between these two pictures?

The picture on the right is an individual product photo. It simply shows the product without distractions. These pictures are often photographed on a seamless paper background to be isolated in Photoshop. Each product is carefully lit and positioned for maximum clarity.

The picture on the left is a lifestyle photo. The products...