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Waterfall in Lancaster Central Park, Garden of the 5 Senses, Lancaster, PA

Lancaster Central Park brings us the July photo for the 2016 Rosewood local-water-features-themed calendar. Click through to read the back story to this photo.

The old and new Cardinal brochures compared

Residents of a gated community in Glen Carbon, Illinois, had a problem—their backyards lacked sheds. They were in a deadlock with community management over getting a shed brand approved for the community. Even after multiple attempts by residents, no approval was forthcoming.

Let’s leave the gated community for a bit, and jump to...

Sand Siding Bridge in Swatara State Park, PA

After nearly crashing the quadcopter at the Acrigg's waterfall, we tried again here at this new bridge on Sand Siding Trail in Swatara State Park. Question: Can you find 4 people hiding somewhere on the bridge? (Hint: it's not the camera case or the man riding his bike near the far end of the bridge.)

Budding entrepreneur mowing grass

Dozens of business owners have asked me, “What percent should I budget for advertising?” I think they expect me to respond authoritatively: “The average small business should budget 4.625% of gross revenue for advertising.”

There may be several reasons business owners would want a quick and easy answer to this question. They may simply want a shortcut to success. They may assume a...

Dream Buildings logo

Dream Buildings contacted Rosewood last year, looking for a solution to their advertising woes. Aaron, the owner, and Martha, the secretary, had determined that managing their advertising was more than they could handle. When publishers called, sometimes they couldn’t remember if they were even advertising in that particular publication. Their ads were not consistent in appearance or content....

The Conestoga River at Kurtz Road, Ephrata PA

This river-side farm scene, the May picture in Rosewood's 2016 calendar, was shot with our DJI Phantom 3 drone. If you dropped in your canoe at this spot on the Conestoga River, you might recognize our February picture of the month two bridges downstream. Learn more about the area and the making of this picture below.

Prices subject to change according to customer's attitude

This sign hangs in the office of a local tire shop: “Prices subject to change according to customer’s attitude.” Anyone in sales or customer service can understand the frustration that inspired the statement! Sometimes we feel like charging certain customers extra because they are so difficult to serve.

While this sign is obviously a joke, consider this underlying truth: a customer’s...

Elevated Garden planters packed and ready for shipment

Sequel to “Garden Bed Photography in December”

In October 2015, Matt and Roy met with an energized Sam from YardCraft to discuss YardCraft’s plans to sell raised-garden beds in Costco stores. Could Rosewood help design a box meeting Costco’s specific and detailed requirements?

To get an initial feel for what those requirements might be, Matt and Roy went to browse the aisles of...

The stream beside the Bordner Cabin below Acriggs Waterfall

What should a photographer do when his visions for a photo-shoot fall flat? Explore a little more! See the story after this April's calendar spread.

Illustrated simple profit and loss statement

John Wanamaker said, “I know half of my advertising dollars are wasted. I just don’t know which half.” He was a good step ahead of most of us. Do you know which half of your advertising dollars are invested well? Let’s explore how to determine if a particular marketing campaign is worth it or wasted. Whether you are projecting a return before investing in a campaign or calculating actual...