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The new logo for Friesen's Welding

Friesen’s Welding & Manufacturing produces waste containers at their facility in central PA. We’ve had a relationship with them for several years, having designed and hosted their website. Recently, Ben from Friesen’s asked us to develop a logo. He sketched a logo concept and sent it to us.

A handwritten Thank-You from Rosewood Team.

Thank you for the pleasure of serving you this past year. We wish you God's blessings in 2016!

From the Rosewood Team:

Roy Herr Eric Wenger Phyllis Miller Twila Weaver Adrian Nolt Gary Hurst Matt Feener Eugene Fox

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!

(To see larger size of the hand-written calendar page, click on the image.)

thank you

Caring for your customers, and letting them know that you appreciate their business, is simply good manners. It is the right thing to do. But guess what? Saying—and showing—"Thank you" is also a huge competitive advantage! Build a company culture that shows your thanks by beginning one or two new procedures today. Here are seven ideas to get you started.

lifestyle vs. individual product images

What is the difference between these two pictures?

The picture on the right is an individual product photo. It simply shows the product without distractions. These pictures are often photographed on a seamless paper background to be isolated in Photoshop. Each product is carefully lit and positioned for maximum clarity.

The picture on the left is a lifestyle photo. The products...

Assorted advertising products for LnR Feed and Grain Systems

LnR Feed & Grain Systems contacted Rosewood seeking professional advice on creating a marketing plan. Since managing their ad schedule internally had become a burden, they were looking for assistance. The initial marketing consultation with Roy (Rosewood marketing consultant) determined an annual budget and a plan which detailed ad sizes, the publications in which they will be printed, and...

Time to Plan

Today we bring back a popular post from last year. As you plan for 2017, keep these tips in mind!

Your competitors are handing you a huge opportunity. Did you know that most of them will not take the time to thoroughly plan their marketing for next year? Grab that opportunity by stepping through these 5 pointers. Strong businesses don’t happen by accident; they happen by planning.

Mockup of the redesigned PCBE front cover.

Have you been reading the Plain Communities Business Exchange? If so, you have probably noticed many things changing over the course of 2015. Particularly impressive is the new monthly theme, along with additional business-related articles. For example, some upcoming themes include Business School, Machines and Metalworking, and Innovation.

In January of 2015, John Lapp from PCBE came...

The Ryeland Gardens logo

Ryeland Gardens is a brand-new nursery opening this fall in Womelsdorf, PA. Rosewood Marketing was privileged to participate in the brand development of this company. The first step was to create a logo. Dennis Hurst, the entrepreneur, wanted a logo that expresses the sense of refinement and competence the company will endorse, while fitting into a horticultural theme. Matt (Senior Graphic...

Logo for FastVent Plus™

A good opportunity to renovate a product logo is when you update the product. In this mini case study, Levi’s Building Components* improved their FastVent™ roof vent, renaming it FastVent Plus™. A new product with a new...

logo of Northeastern Rustic

How can a furniture craftsman market his products clearly and consistently? I recently enjoyed working with Northeastern Rustic LLC of Smyrna, ME, to answer this challenging question. Northeastern Rustic is a maker of wood furniture in the rustic styles perfect for cabins and mountain homes. They were ready for a redesign of their brochures, adding a new line and expanding their existing...