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Beaver's Business Sprouts New Leads

Stepping out of his office for some fresh air, Charlie Hatchet hurried down the path to the main trail that ran past the Moosepicks’ warehouse and then wound deeper into the forest. Not that he would admit it, but the fresh air was just an excuse. The real reason he had come outside? He had just seen Flyer Squirrel drop off the day’s mail.

Stuffing his hand into the knot hole in the big...

Lion Taming [Catalog Automation Case Study]

The secret is out! Some of the talent on our team have a passion for taming lions! (And they are really good at it too.)

Have you produced a catalog and been “up to your eyeballs” in a sea of content, corrections, and edits? Or maybe someone at your company has scowled at the time, energy, and expense it takes to change pricing, tweak descriptions, and update photos in an otherwise “...

Ad Design | Before & After

Do you find yourself skipping over advertisements when you are reading a publication? Many ads crowded onto one page can easily become a thick jumble. If you invest in advertising for your company, how can you be sure your ads will get noticed? Some unchanging principles that apply include a consistent message, potent imagery and headlines, and sufficient white space. Let’s take a look at...

Beaver's Marketing Stumbles...Into a Plan

Hannah Hatchet looked up from the stack of bills she was working through. The evening sunshine filtered through the branches into the Moosepicks office where she and Charlie were catching up on paperwork while their kits played outside.

“What is this bill from Jip Nickel? And who is this guy anyway?” Hannah asked. “I mean, one hundred acorns, Charlie! What did he do for us that was...

Salesman Charlie

“You see, we don’t use pine wood for our toothpicks,” Charlie Hatchet explained to his customer. “We don’t want you to have to deal with sticky sap on your hands.” He smiled. “And you know how hard it is to wash off pine sap!”

Charlie shifted position and sneaked a glance at the sun through the leafy branches overhead. The afternoon was slipping by too fast. Four o’clock, he thought....

When Glitter IS Gold
Special Effects Printing

Have you ever handed potential customers your business card or brochure and intentionally observed their response? They may have said “Thank you,” or maybe nothing at all. What if you were able to change that response to “Wow!” When they hold your printed piece in their hands, it is communicating something to them. What is it saying? What will clearly communicate the...

Telling the Das Holz Haus Story

Das Holz Haus is a maker of fine cabinetry and heirloom quality furniture serving customers in metro-area markets through relationships with kitchen designers.

DHH came to Rosewood seeking to more clearly portray the impeccable quality of both their service and their product. Their existing brochure created an impression of their brand that did not dovetail with who they were as a...

Charlie Hatchet and Fred Squirrel

“This was our best month yet,” Charlie Hatchet announced to his wife as he entered the lodge one evening. “I think the business might survive after all.”

It hadn’t been long before that Charlie had given up in defeat. His sharpened log product just didn’t seem to interest anyone. But now, his wooden toothpick version seemed to be catching on in the forest. Just today a family of moose...

Charlie Hatchet

Charlie Hatchet’s jaws worked up and down, up and down, as he shaved away at the bottom of an aspen tree. Flying chips of wood dropped onto a growing pile at his feet. Being an energetic fellow of fine beaver stock, getting things done was certainly one thing that came easy for Charlie.

Charlie’s mind was going as fast as his jaws. This one ought to sell for a good price. Maybe old...

Horse and Carriage

Maximizing brand exposure on the go is a strategy from way back. Even in the quieter, less visually cluttered world of yesteryear, businessmen saw the opportunity of using their vehicles to raise awareness of their enterprise, as one just too good to pass up!

“Why brand my vehicle?” you may ask. Is it worth the effort? Let’s take a look.