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Catalog Before and After

When is a good time to update your catalog? Many people acquiesce to the age-old cliché, “There just never is a good time.” Sure, I get it. When there is sufficient cash flow, there is also plenty to do.

So, really, when should you freshen up? The unquestioned response is if someone tells you your catalog stinks. As this probably won’t happen, let’s explore a few other indicators. If...

A marketing plan is a marketing path

How do you suppose the latest issue of your favorite business news magazine came into existence so you could be reading it right now? Do you think several people randomly decided, “Hey, I’m going to write an article and send it to the magazine today”? Do you think lots of business owners randomly decided, “Hey, I think I’ll put together an advertisement to send to the business magazine today...

Amplify Your Voice with an Email Campaign

It's time for your Customer Appreciation Sale—you need to get the word out! What is the best way to reach the most people?

Print ads and mailers can be quite effective, but are they enough? In this age of easy internet access, a lot of your potential repeat customers might skip the local newspaper, but they are certainly on their smartphones and computers. This demographic may seem out...

Building Your Brand

Think of the popular brand marks for John Deere, McDonald’s and Apple. Do you know what products each company produces? What impressions come to your mind?

The Dictionary of Brand defines “brand” as a person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or organization. In other words, your business has a reputation, like a person does. Branding is the effort to define and build that...

Garden Salad

I was hungry. My stomach told me that it had been awhile since I had last eaten. As I was exploring my favorite local town, I quickly searched Google for suitable options in the area.

I clicked on the first of two results that Google returned. This restaurant had several fine sounding menu items, but upon looking at their photography, my appetite waned. Poorly lit photos (likely shot by...

Average Shoe - Mistake #4

Are you in one of the following situations?

Wrestling with a struggling product line. Thinking about starting a new business. Planning to launch a new product or service.

On the road to success in these areas, you will notice well-beaten trails branching off to the side. If you take one of these side trails, you will find yourself lost in the woods.

This article...

Where's Your Big Toe?

Not every cook needs a semi-truck to fetch a dozen eggs from the grocery store; neither does every Rosewood client need a custom website. Just as you will run faster when your shoe fits, we believe that your marketing will be most efficient when we tailor a website to your goals. Use the right tool for the right job, right?

With our history in graphic design, custom websites have been a...

Ad Example

Most businesses have, at one time or another, used print advertising to drive sales of their products or services. Perhaps you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on ads in various publications. Here's the question you should ask yourself: “Are the print ads that I'm investing in paying off?”

The answer to that question may be found in asking other questions such as: "Am...

Charlie Hatchet with twig

In case you missed past installments of this marketing allegory, Charlie Hatchet is the busy-beaver owner of Moosepicks, a company that makes toothpicks for moose. Back when Charlie’s new company was almost going under, marketing consultant Fred Squirrel helped him turn things around. With Fred’s help, Charlie found a target audience, created a company name and brand, and developed a unique...

Directory Listing Sites

“Siri, what is the number for Rob’s Repair?” That’s the sound of someone ‘looking up a business’ in the world we live in today. For many folks, the days of letting “your fingers do the walking” through the paper yellow pages to find a phone number are a thing of the past.

Whether using Apple’s Siri voice-activated search assistant, typing in a Google search bar from the desktop computer...