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A mechanic runs diagnostics on a car to pinpoint which sensor needs to be replaced. A farmer feels confident his herd is in good shape because of regular herd health checks. Sometimes those of us who work in marketing wish for greater clarity, asking ourselves questions like these: Are we on the right track? Why aren’t we getting better results? What should we be focusing on?

The Rosewood Marketing Self-Assessment is a tool that helps you identify strengths and pinpoint weaknesses in your marketing program. After you work through the assessment, you will have a clearer picture of what your next steps should be, whether it’s starting over with a stronger foundation or simply taking a good practice to the next level of effectiveness.

You don’t need to feel lost as you work on your marketing, like finding your way through a thick fog. While this assessment is not a magic solution to your marketing challenges, it points you in the right direction so you don’t have to feel like you are going in circles.


  1. In each of the ten categories, select A, B, C, or D then circle the number that best describes your current situation.
  2. Add the numbers that you circled.
  3. Read our suggestions based on your total score at the end of the assessment.
brand strategy
lead generation
lead conversion

If your total score is:

10-40 Good news! You have much room for improving your marketing, which means that you can look forward to seeing much better results in the future! Staying where you are is likely to lead to stagnation. Focus first on the areas where you rated yourself the lowest. You may wish to hire outside help to take your marketing to the next level of effectiveness.

41-80 Nice work! You are ahead of many other companies and are seeing some good results. However, your business has untapped potential. After this assessment, you have a clearer picture of how to turn weak into strong and good into best as you continue to grow. If you feel like you are maxed out, consider teaming up with an experienced marketing agency.

81-120 Congratulations! You are enjoying the results of investing in a well-rounded, effective marketing plan. Don’t drop the ball now. Stay on your toes and ensure that your marketing efforts continue to keep pace with your growing company. It can be very difficult to go from “very good” to “amazing.” If you want to discover even better results find a marketing coach who has the knowledge and experience to walk beside you into “amazing.”

Now that you have completed the assessment you can chart your scores to get a quick visual that shows you where to start improving. First, circle your score for each category on the chart. Then draw lines to connect the circles around the chart. The deepest (or widest) dent in the circle shows which area needs attention first.


About the Author: Roy Herr is the senior marketing consultant at Rosewood Marketing. The Rosewood team guides business owners through marketing challenges into sustainable growth.