Ever wonder how to show your customers how much their business means to you? How should you show appreciation when your client buys a product or service of high value? A thank-you note on the invoice? A Christmas card at the end of the year? Prices so high that you can always offer a discount (car dealership model)?

Noah F. Boyle cabinet company in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, had these questions. The Boyle company consults with each client to design and build their dream kitchen. Their customers invest in custom cabinets of the finest quality, and are always pleased and excited about their kitchen when it is done.

If the customer is happy, your job is finished, right?

Well, not for Noah and his sons. They wanted one more opportunity to show their clients genuine appreciation, a gesture that would leave a lasting impression of quality and personal value.

We consulted with the Boyles and recommended presenting a customer gift package to clients after the job is completed. The unexpected gift would complement the quality that the Noah F. Boyle stands for, a finishing touch to the customer’s quality experience with the Boyles and their product.

Several of us at Rosewood worked together to assemble a collection of product options that qualified as a special customer gift and that could be custom branded with Noah F. Boyle’s logo. We considered cutting boards, S’well cold/hot drink bottles, collector’s tins, Saddleback Leather wallets, mantle clocks, hand-thrown stoneware, and 24-piece BBQ tool sets.

The Boyles wanted their branding to be visible but not garish. Their goal was to give the client something they would enjoy using for years to come, something they would not to hesitate to bring out when company was around.

Mug Logo

In the end, the Boyles settled on hand-thrown stoneware mugs from SH Stoneware. They chose the style and two color options. In most cases they will present a pair of mugs to the couple at the close of the project.

Mug Bottom

More than a pen or hat, this gift is unique, beautiful, valuable, and useful. Though mugs are common swag, these classy mugs stand far above mugs screen printed with a company logo and contact information.

Stoneware Coaster

Custom stoneware coasters and a gift box with Noah F. Boyle’s logo on an eggshell felt label round out the gift presentation. The box is sealed with a gold foil closure tab, ready to hand to a client who will not only appreciate the gift, but will feel appreciated as well.

Gift Box with Logo

How do you communicate value and gratitude to your clients? Think beyond closing the sale to the time when the job is done and you don’t “owe” the customer anything else.

Along with Noah F. Boyle Cabinet Company, we believe that showing care and appreciation for each client not only is the right thing to do, but also results in enhanced customer satisfaction and more word-of-mouth referrals.

About the Author: Adrian Nolt is the Web Department Manager. Contact Adrian at adrian@rosewood.us.com.