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Otterteck® Website - Our First Site in Drupal 8!

Otterteck® logo

Yesterday I signed off on a new website for a new brand — Otterteck®. Their first product is an aluminum underdecking system. If you have unused space under an upper-story deck, consider installing Otterteck® underdecking to turn that space into a dry outdoor room. Otterteck® is not the first underdecking system on the market, but it brings a nice set of features to the table. The aluminum and stainless steel components won't rust, and the poly pitching rails won't rot. The aluminum panels are not only stronger than vinyl underdecking, they are also heat resistant. Imagine grilling out of the rain without needing to worry that your ceiling is going to warp or melt from the heat! Neither will you need to worry that a downpour will bring your ceiling down.

Otterteck® website home page

But there is another reason that this website is exciting for Rosewood. Now that Drupal 8 (Drupal is a popular open-source website software.) has been released, I've been itching to build a website in it. Since is a fairly simple website, I chose it as the guinea pig. Check it out. I think it feels fast.

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