Is It Worth a New Site?

Is your website slightly outdated? Not a big deal, right? Actually, it can be a big deal. If your website is difficult for potential clients to navigate, you are losing sales. Paying attention to your visitors’ actions on the site  and making it easy and streamlined to take those actions is paramount to your website’s success. 

Mid-America Structures, based in Nebraska, manufactures and delivers quality sheds, garages, cabins, animal shelters, and custom structures.Their goal is not to build the fastest, cheapest sheds but to provide their customers with quality structures built with excellent materials that will last for years to come. 

Wendell Yoder, the owner of Mid-America, came to Rosewood in 2019 with two problems: 

  1. His website, which had launched in 2013, looked outdated. 
  2. Visitors had trouble finding key pricing information. 

 Mid-America’s old home page

As our team evaluated  the site, they realized it wasn’t mobile friendly. This created a challenge, since more than half of the website’s visitors were browsing from their phones. Rosewood’s digital marketers recommended improvements, and the site’s current platform was scheduled to reach the end of security support within a couple years. All factors combined, it made better financial sense to rebuild than to make all these changes on the old platform. 

Mid-America’s new home page 

Teamwork is vital to a successful website build. Wendell discussed the issues to be solved with our team members, Adrian and Christopher. After Adrian ballparked the website build cost, Anthony managed the content curation and building process. The SEO team contributed insights that would help the site rank better in search engine results and acquire more traffic. Derlyn designed a mock-up site while Jared built and launched it. 

Because Wendell, the owner of Mid-America,  can respond faster to texts than to email, we added the option for people to text him from the quote request form. Wendell reported, “The texting option has been a great addition to the website. We have been able to reach more potential customers through this method.” 

The old “Options Page”

The new “Options Page” 

Since the new website has been live for several months now, we’ve made some exciting observations. While some of the improvement may have been a result of the COVID economy, we feel that the new site also is a factor. 

  • There’s 60% more traffic when compared to last year with the old site.
  • Now 20% fewer people are bouncing away from the site when they first see it. 
  • Mid-America has had 70% more website inquiries this year than last year. That was a thrilling number for everyone to see. 
  • The majority of Mid-America’s possible clients can now easily find the information they are looking for on the website.
  • The Mid-America team can efficiently edit their website content themselves which was hard to do on the old website. 
  • The site is now mobile friendly. 

Would you like to see your website traffic improve? Do you want to serve your customers better with a website that’s attractive and simple to use? A rebuild is your great opportunity to reimagine your website’s shopping experience. Get in touch with us at Rosewood Marketing today.  

“The team at Rosewood is great to work with. With their help, we now have a website that is much more customer friendly, and we are much more able to help potential customers navigate the website.” -Wendell Y., Owner of Mid-America Structures

About the Author: Sharla Eberly is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and helping them use the right words to communicate their message. Contact Sharla at