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Increasing Brand Awareness With Vehicle Signage [Case Study]

Horse and Carriage

Maximizing brand exposure on the go is a strategy from way back. Even in the quieter, less visually cluttered world of yesteryear, businessmen saw the opportunity of using their vehicles to raise awareness of their enterprise, as one just too good to pass up!

“Why brand my vehicle?” you may ask. Is it worth the effort? Let’s take a look.

Seeing the World through the Eyes of a Company Vehicle

Just for fun, let’s take to the road from a different vantage point. Imagine yourself as a company vehicle for a bakery in your local city. A typical Monday finds you roaring off to the local ingredient wholesaler across town, passing numerous pedestrians on the streets of the city; navigating by a playground full of curious children; and driving past crowds of folks patronizing the business district.

On “big delivery Tuesday” you crisscross town and country from dawn till dark; and Wednesday brings an office supplies run, followed by a quick stop at the dry cleaners on the way back to the store. Off again at lunchtime transporting some folks to a business meeting and again in the afternoon to go pick up the owner’s children. The week flies by with more of the same: deliveries, personal errands, and even a long distance run through unfamiliar countryside for mixer parts.

From back streets to boulevards, everywhere you go you see people. Lots and lots of people. They wait on you at crosswalks, sit behind you at stop lights, pass you on the freeway, and some of them notice that you drive by like clockwork at the same time each day.

Meet the Silent Salesman

Company vehicles are literally moving billboards. Think of them as silent salesmen waiting for something to sell, or would-be promotional agents who would gladly contract to work for you 24/7 for many years to come. A little math reveals that even equipping your silent salesman with one of the more handsome outfits available amounts to just a few dollars a day when spread over a few years! When put to work, these guys are eternal optimists and tireless promoters. They never complain or call in sick.

Vehicle Signage & Consumer Trust

Simply put, people buy from sources they trust. Seeing a vehicle with quality branding around the community builds trust in several ways for us as consumers.

First, it makes us aware that a brand exists. Of all the Ford Transits that go by the people waiting on a crosswalk, the one with strong branding will engage their mind and memory. Secondly, it gives us confidence that a company is a serious player in the marketplace. Thirdly, we tend to perceive that vehicles with strong branding represent companies who know more about what they do than we do. It establishes authority and professionalism.

In short, vehicle branding is ‘low hanging fruit’ for establishing a strong and compelling awareness of your brand in the marketplace.

Take a moment to enjoy some recent projects we have pulled together to show the power and possibilities of vehicle branding. Here goes…

Case Study #1: DynaTech Generators, Vinyl Lettering Project


The new DynaTech work vehicle design was created to reflect the refreshed branding theme which we first implemented on their website last year (

The goal was to maintain a high level of attention grabbing power while looking more clean cut and high tech than their previous vehicle design.

Case Study #2: Earl Weaver Contractors, Graphic Wrap Project

Earl G. Weaver Truck Front

When Earl Weaver Contractors added a new truck to their fleet they needed to wrap it in a way that matched their newly refined brand style.

Earl G. Weaver Truck Back

Minimal design with simple, clean lines and a photo on each side provide an eye-catching design that blended well with the Ford truck's lines.

The truck’s color was specifically chosen because it fit within the Earl Weaver color palette.

Case Study #3: Finch, Conceptual Exploration Project


This Finch vehicle wrap is a concept we created to show Finch furniture dealers how they could put the Finch brand to work for them.

As always, the goal is to attract eyes by implementing a pleasant design that clearly communicates what Finch is all about.

Vanishing Tail Lights: The Conclusion

Take a new look at the vacant doors and quarter panels on your company vehicle. Perhaps you’ll find an eager new promotional expert, just waiting to be commissioned to send customers your way.