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Garden Bed Photography in December

Tomatoes shot in December for Yardcraft

Photographing garden beds in December? No, we did not travel to Florida! It was all done right here in Pennsylvania.

Yardcraft is a new brand of garden products. By the time you read this article, you may see some Yardcraft products at your local Costco. If not, you can still order from the website. Sam from Yardcraft asked Rosewood to design the packaging for the raised garden beds. The first order of business was to produce enticing pictures of the garden beds producing bountiful yields. And, based on the job schedule set by Yardcraft, these gardens needed to be at their peak in October (for photo shoot one) and December (for photo shoot two)!

In order to populate the beds with living plants, Twila (prop stylist at Rosewood Marketing) scoured the aisles of grocery stores and garden centers for both potted and cut plants. Roy acquired everbearing strawberry plants from a friend. Adrian dug several boxes of peas and winter radishes from his garden’s cover crop. Besides the plants, Roy bought a stack of privacy-fence panels which he stained and set up in his backyard for a clean background.

One sunny Friday in October, the Rosewood team (and Roy’s family) set up and photographed these four garden beds. Here are some behind-the-scenes slides.

  • Planting the garden beds for the Yardcraft photo shoot.
  • Filling the garden beds with dirt for the Yardcraft photo shoot.
  • Our collection of plants and supplies.
  • Finishing touches for the Yardcraft photo shoot.

And here are a few of the results!

  • 2-tier configuration of the garden bed.
  • Yardcraft garden bed with optional trellis.
  • Four Yardcraft garden beds.
  • Closeup of vegetable garden bed.
  • Closeup of strawberry garden bed.
  • Lettuce garden bed photography for Yardcraft.
  • Pansies in a Yardcraft garden bed.
  • Compost keyhole in a Yardcraft garden bed.

Not content to let Rosewood off too easily, Yardcraft scheduled their elevated garden bed shoot for December, and it required a living, producing tomato plant! Who grows tomato plants in Pennsylvania in December? Well, we didn’t know either. Many phone calls and conversations ensued. In the end, Roy knew a hydroponic tomato grower in New Jersey who was willing to sell two six-foot vines to us. Mike from Yardcraft drove several hours the morning of the shoot to pick them up and deliver them to Rosewood.

And here they are.

  • Elevated garden bed on back patio.
  • The tomatoes that were brought from New Jersey.
  • The Yardcraft elevated garden bed with planted with flowers.

Also, we needed product shots to illustrate the package contents and to be used for construction illustrations.

Individual product photography and illustrations by Rosewood Marketing.

So how were all these pictures used? Come back next month for more drama. Hint: designing packaging for Costco involves English, Spanish, and French!