Does Your Small Website Need a Facelift?

Montana Post Driver was in the middle of a brand refresh, with the launch date only a month* away. There was just one problem. The website. Of course, it needed to be updated with the new logo and brand colors, but there were other issues. The website was not mobile-friendly. The content was out-of-date. The platform limited the website’s functionality and the login did not always work.

New website design

Rather than put a fresh coat of paint on a broken-down car, we proposed a different plan — a brochureware website built on WordPress, with content pulled from other marketing and advertising materials.

This platform would give the ability to build the site quickly, while allowing plenty of flexibility for later additions and customization. Using photos from a recent photoshoot and updating the text from the old website would speed up the site build.

Website before and after design

As the website progressed, the client requested several revisions and additions. Rosewood easily adjusted the project to incorporate the client’s requests.

In just over a month, the new site was up and running. In addition to refreshing the old text, new messaging (copy, images, and design) was created for the homepage.

Now, new product photos help customers visualize the post drivers. Contact forms on each page and a “Find a Dealer” page let shoppers easily decide where to purchase a post driver. And the site is built on a website platform that makes it easy to expand and update.


Product page before redesign


Product page after redesign

Client testimonial: “Rosewood knows what it takes for a website. I didn’t have to worry about how to set it up. The new site is better and it provides more explanation and info about the products. I still want to add more stuff to the site when I have the time.”

Do you feel like your business could benefit from an updated website? Learn more about Rosewood’s website building process by calling us and scheduling a free introduction.

*Work is completed first come, first serve and turnaround times vary.