Imagine receiving 90% more leads from your website! That’s what Miller’s Mini Barns reported this spring. And what do you think caused this jump in leads? It happened after Rosewood Marketing rebuilt their website.

Of course, your results may not be identical. You may already have a website that performs well as a lead-generation tool. But the folks at Miller’s Mini Barns are happy with their investment, and they shared some of the reasons why.

Top of the Miller's Mini Pavilions page

But first, what’s different about their website now?

  1. Miller’s Mini Barns is a thriving company with a good reputation, and now a custom-designed website gives them an online image to match.
  2. Each product now has its own page. As is true for a retail store, showing more products generates more sales online also.
  3. Options and features for each product are listed prominently. Showing the options that go with each product pleases shoppers who want to know their options before talking to a salesman.
  4. Each product page is laid out to encourage more leads from the website. Giving customers more opportunities to express interest encourages leads and brings the customer farther into the sales funnel.

A couple months after the new website was launched, we followed up with Anna from Miller’s Mini Barns to find out how the site was working.

When asked how the leads from their new website compared with leads from their old website over a similar time period, Anna estimated that they received 90 – 95% more leads. Of course, not all leads turn into actual sales. But that is a big increase in leads to work with!

How did the new website affect Miller’s overall business? We hoped Anna would say, “Listing our products on the website was equivalent to adding another shed sales lot, only with a smaller investment.” However, she was more modest in her appraisal. Anna said, “I’d say it makes sales easier and complements well our existing sales lots.”

Old and New websites side by side.

What did they enjoy about working with Rosewood? Says Anna, “The friendliness and professionalism of all the staff. The honest advice from a marketer’s standpoint. A Christian-based company.”

Anna also mentioned that Rosewood has some room to improve. She said, “Not meeting our deadline was a disappointment. However, we don’t hold a grudge! We’re grateful for what you’ve done!” Here at Rosewood we are implementing changes to make our scheduling more reliable.

I asked Anna if she had any other comments. She said, “I appreciated the advice! You suggested different things, yet you also listened to what we thought we’d like.” Anna told us not to hesitate to share our ideas with clients even when clients have ideas of their own.

How does Miller’s Mini Barns feel about their investment? Anna happily replied, “A great decision! We’re happy with the company we chose. We don’t regret the investment.”

A product-listing page featuring the Classic A-Frame Shed

In conclusion, let’s compare a six-page brochure-style website costing $5,000 (like Miller’s website without the product pages) to a 120-page product-listing website costing $15,000 (similar to what they have now). Will the larger website pay off the increased investment for Miller’s Mini Barns? We expect that it will—and quickly.

Is a large website a good option for your business? That depends. Call or email us to schedule a consultation where we’ll discuss your needs and suggest what might be best for your business.

About the Author: Adrian Nolt is the Web Department Manager. Contact Adrian at