How can a furniture craftsman market his products clearly and consistently? I recently enjoyed working with Northeastern Rustic LLC of Smyrna, ME, to answer this challenging question. Northeastern Rustic is a maker of wood furniture in the rustic styles perfect for cabins and mountain homes. They were ready for a redesign of their brochures, adding a new line and expanding their existing product lines.

logo of Northeastern Rustic

Collaboration between Rosewood and Northeastern Rustic began when we received existing files, new photos, and a list of desired changes. I began preliminary layout options with Matt (Senior Graphic Designer) collaborating during the theme design. Sorting through the provided photos, I made choices based on our layout, making image color adjustments. After the content was all incorporated there was still room for some lifestyle images. It is amazing how well-chosen images can help add emotion and bring a page to life!

Northeastern Rustic's 4 new catalogs

Once we were satisfied with our first proof it was time to show our client what we had been up to! I printed an actual size (25”x11”) proof and submitted it to the mail. We never know exactly what response to expect from the first proof… Northeastern Rustic was very pleased! They requested minor refinements to the layout, and after we made the adjustments and finalized the files, their first brochure was sent to the presses!

I adapted the layout and design theme of the first brochure to each of the other product lines, choosing a new theme color and new lifestyle images. The brochures varied between trifold, bifold, and single page. The front covers all included a local picture with corresponding historic and cultural anecdotes below. We conducted research to generate this content for their new product line —The Maplewood Collection. The hometown feel of the brochures coincides with Northeastern Rustic’s message of loyalty and community.

Cover of the Mount Timoney Collection catalog

Throughout the entire process, communication between the client and designer was vital! I enjoyed working with Northeastern Rustic on this project and predict successful results from this set of correlative brochures showcasing their fine products and craftsmanship!

Browse Northeastern Rustic’s new catalogs!

Aroostook Collection: The Barnwood Line
Katahdin Collection: The Hickory Line
Maplewood Collection: The Maple Line
Mount Timoney Collection: The Cedar Line

About the Author: Gary Hurst is a graphic designer at Rosewood Marketing. He especially enjoys brainstorming for company and brand name creations and crafting attractive theme designs. Contact Gary at or ask for Gary when you call (717) 866-5000.