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Bulk Mailing for CB Solar

The newlywed special and calendar ready to be mailed.

Chris from CB Solar gave me a call to discuss how to let his customers know about his current discount promotion and deliver his customer-appreciation calendars. He wondered if it would it be possible to do a bulk mailing.

That’s what we did! We proceeded to finalize a sticky calendar design and get that into production. We also created a flyer to advertise the discount and to double as a sell sheet. Thirdly, we prepared an envelope imprint for the mailing. When these three products combined with the mailing list, 5000 local mailboxes were the recipients — just in time for Christmas!

Gary Hurst is a graphic designer at Rosewood Marketing. You can contact him at or ask for Gary when you call (717) 866-5000.

The solar flyer, sticky calendar, and envelope on the envelope stuffing line.