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Branding With Pocket Folders & Binders

Selection of binders and pocket folders for Rosewood clients

A pocket folder or binder seems . . . well, so boring. So utilitarian. Just something to organize a few papers in, right?

Why not maximize this common office item’s marketing potential by making it a memorable brand piece? You can be sure it will leave a positive first impression on potential clients when you hand it to them.

You have several options for dressing up your folder or binder. Include a foil imprint or a spot UV gloss on the cover—and take satisfaction in watching clients rub a finger over your logo. A binder covered in fabric or leather adds sensory appeal and draws instant admiration.

When you can tell potential clients are impressed with your pocket folder, you know that you have effectively communicated the value of your piece—not to mention the significant boost in the item’s trash can resistance.

Another view of the folders and binders

Not accustomed to using a pocket folder? You will find one handy in situations where you give prospective clients several loose papers, for example, price sheets and brochures for the trade show. Simply insert the material and hand over the neat package.

Your recipients will also welcome the organization—you may even notice them putting materials from other companies into your folder!

Binders are also organizational aids, a perfect solution for a loose-leaf catalog. If your dealers page through your large catalog regularly in their showrooms, they would appreciate a binder with individual pages.

Take a second look at your current folders and binders. Not just office supplies, they are prime marketing opportunities. Put them to good use.

Large canvas covered binders