Branding the Can: How We Created Labels for A&L Paint

Packaging can look nice, but to do its job well, it should help sell the product. Suitable packaging needs research before to inform the design. Since the customer sees your product’s packaging first, they unconsciously allow it to affect their purchasing decision.

paint stand with newly designed paint cans

A&L Paint manufactures water-based latex low VOC coatings, stains, paints, floor finishes, and poly-urethanes. Most of their products go to shed manufacturers. Recently A&L decided to manufacture their own interior paint line to control the quality.

A&L decided to start with two lines of paint: a contractor grade and a higher-end paint for homeowners. Each paint line needed to appeal to a different target market; each would need its own individual brand and feel. To showcase their paint in a professional fashion, the logical thing to do was to hire a marketing company. They decided to hire Rosewood to name and brand their paint lines.

A design team at Rosewood held a naming session and named both lines of paint at once. The higher-end paint marketed towards homeowners was named Wisteria, and the contractor grade, Duchess. Since women make many decisions in home decorating, the goal was to create some feminine appeal, while communicating a premium product.

logo mockups for paint brand

Creating a label that stands out takes thorough research. Packaging for premium quality paint should match the quality inside. Lyndon began by exploring different paint stores, examining other manufacturers’ labels, and getting a feel for what kind of packaging draws the customer in. Then he explored various styles to pinpoint which one best represented each brand. A mockup on an actual paint can created a real feel of the final product.

Wisteria Paint Brand

The new Wisteria and Duchess packaging will help A&L stand out as a viable player in the premium quality paint market.

duchess paint brand design by Rosewood Marketing

“Rosewood is very knowledgeable in what they are doing, and I have a lot of confidence in them. The one thing I learned through the process is to try not to focus on too many things in advertising, instead try to have a clean appearance on something that stands out, rather than having a jumble of everything and you can’t grasp anything. I was very satisfied with what Rosewood did for us.” – Johnathan, A&L Paint

Don’t settle for just any packaging. A professional, inspiring design can help your product get the attention it deserves! Call today for more information.

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