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Full-Service Advertising for LnR Feed & Grain Systems

Assorted advertising products for LnR Feed and Grain Systems

LnR Feed & Grain Systems contacted Rosewood seeking professional advice on creating a marketing plan. Since managing their ad schedule internally had become a burden, they were looking for assistance. The initial marketing consultation with Roy (Rosewood marketing consultant) determined an annual budget and a plan which detailed ad sizes, the publications in which they will be printed, and a schedule for designing and submitting the ads. Additional activities such as trade shows, photography, and LnR’s annual educational open house were also scheduled into the plan. Out of these activities, Rosewood has taken on the ad management, creating and submitting the ad artwork and fielding the newspaper and magazine solicitation calls. Any calls we receive are carefully considered after which a recommendation is passed on to Lawrence from LnR. Following are some examples of advertising productions for LnR.

LnR ad for April 2015

Roy shared the advertising plan with Matt, Rosewood’s senior graphic designer. Together they created a consistently-styled theme, both clean and eye-catching, to be used for one year of ads. Accompanied by a row of yellow rubber duckies, the theme debuted with a headline “Are Your Ducks in a Row?” Judging by the good response Lawrence received, the ad was a brilliant success! Since then, a new ad has been released every month. The theme is consistent across all publications. Using stimulating headlines and including sufficient white space are two of the main elements that are making these ads stand out from the clutter. Can you spot the LnR ad in the Lancaster Farming?

LnR ad in the Lancaster Farming
Notepads for LnR

LnR needed more notepads. Matt updated the design to match the clean theme being used in the ads.

Customer gifts are an effective way to show appreciation. Matt suggested branding some coasters for a unique but useful gift. Lawrence chose to letterpress the coasters with a design Matt had created for an ad. These tangible coasters stand out at tradeshows.

Letterpress coasters for LnR

Rosewood offers professional photography, including aerial photography. Matt enjoyed using our quadcopter to capture, in detail, the size and contours of several newly-installed LnR grain bins. It was an excellent way for LnR to showcase their work, and provides them with paramount imagery for their portfolio.

Aerial photo of LnR grain bins

A few other projects Rosewood has helped LnR with include a show banner, decals for their various products, and business cards.

Are you an overloaded business-owner who knows your marketing needs to get done, but you would rather be doing other things? If so, please consider asking Rosewood to manage your marketing strategy for you.